Certified Organic Retailer  (ACO 3002R)

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We are experts in fresh organic produce with a focus on quality and flavour - all our produce is certified organic, and sourced daily from both Melbourne wholesale markets and direct from farmers. Garden Organics is a certified retailer with ACO (Australian Certified Organics). Our store is audited annually to ensure we comply with the Organic Standards set by ACO.

The Organic Food Difference 

Buying organic and biodynamic food enables you to have:

  • Minimal impact on the Environment
  • Chemical free food, with obvious health benefits
  • Better flavour (according to wide opinion) from your food

Our staff are committed organics people who care about the industry and environment. The majority of staff are vegans and vegetarians, so we can help you to add spice, variety and fresh ideas to your home cooking. Be sure to check our News section for the latest in fresh produce or our Recipe section for some of our finest fresh organic food recipes.