Muesli Almond, Apricot and Linseed - Zeally Bay 500g


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Almond, Apricot and Linseed Muesli - Zeally Bay 500g

Product of Australia, made with Australian and Imported ingredients.

  • Certified Organic and Vegan
  • Free from sulphites and added sugar
  • Free from chemical traces and GMO ingredients

Our signature muesli is a tried-and-true recipe created by John and Jan in the early 80’s for their Geelong cafe, Wholefoods Kitchen. Elegant in its simplicity and handmade in small batches using the best Certified Organically grown ingredients, this breakfast staple lends well to any accompaniment.

Premium Certified Organic rolled oats are at the heart of this blend, chosen for their smooth and creamy texture and hearty natural grain flavours. The Certified Organic sulphite-free dried apricots, sultanas and currants add natural sweetness while whole almonds, buckwheat and rolled gold linseed offer a nutritional boost and satisfying crunch.

All ingredients are sourced from ethical agriculturists who nurture their soils, the planet and us.